Husqvarna 525BX Petrol Blower

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Powerful and well-balanced handheld blower for professional use. The patented X-torq engine technology in combination with the special fan and housing design means high blowing capacity that is easy to control. The anti-vibration system Low Vib makes work less strenuous äóñ even during long shifts. And all intuitive controls, i.e. Cruise Control, contribute to efficient and convenient operation at all times.

  • Cylinder displacement – 25.4 cmŒ_
  • Power output – 1.14 hp
  • Maximum power speed – 7300 rpm
  • Fuel tank volume – 15.22 fl oz
  • Idling speed – 3000 rpm
  • Electrode gap – 0.03 in
  • Spark plug – NGK BPMR8Y
  • Fuel consumption – 518 g/kWh
  • Engine Family CARB – FHQZS.0254GQ
  • Engine Family EPA – FHQZS.0254GQ

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