Honda HRX537HZ Hydro Drive Key Start Lawn Mower

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Honda’s range of HRX lawnmowers deploy the very latest in lawnmower technology and ergonomic design, whilst remaining very robust and powerful. If you want reliable quality coupled with modern innovation in a petrol four-wheel lawnmower, then look no further than the HRX range.

Ease of use is at the very heart of the HRX537HZ, and as soon as you begin your job by using the foolproof electric start function, you’ll understand how this mower offers a truly exceptional experience. The height of cut, for example, can be adjusted very easily using a single lever across seven different positions, allowing you to adapt the mower to the length of your grass. Storing this fantastic mower is equally simple due to the inclusion of a set of easy to fold handlebars. Moreover, the speed of the cutter blade will remain at a consistent, optimal level due to the inclusion of Honda’s hydrostatic driving system.

Not only does this machine offer reduced sound output due to the precision engineering of its engine, working to reduce vibration, the cutting blade itself has also been designed to reduce noise and also to minimise the chances of damage occurring should you ever hit a stone while mowing.

What makes this mower particularly versatile is the inclusion of Honda’s innovative Versamow™ variable mulching system; by the simple operation of a lever you can dictate whether your mower recycles or collects grass, or even does both! Collection too is greatly enhanced due to the attention lavished on the high airflow grass bag, which even comes with its own dust cover to ensure that your mowing experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Honda HRX lawnmowers are supported with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry: 7 years when used in a domestic environment. All Honda mowers sold by LawnmowersDirect receive a pre-delivery inspection, specifically required from all Honda Authorised Dealers. 

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Product Features• Hydrostatic drive function keeps the cutting blade at a consistently optimised speed, no matter the pace at which you choose to mow
• Easy to access and use electric start system will enable you to quickly and effortlessly start this machine; a must if you have any sort of mobility issues
• Single-point height of cut adjustment, featuring seven different settings (20mm-100mm) for a truly pristine lawn whatever your grass conditions
• Modern, powerful and quiet Honda GCV OHC 187cc engine, enabling this mower to perform exceedingly well whilst reducing noise emissions; with an engine as powerful as this one, expect unrivalled performance on any size or type of lawn
• A large 53cm cutting width, ideal for medium to large lawns

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