Honda HRX426PD Push Roller Lawn Mower

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Honda’s HRX range is well known for combining ergonomic, user-friendly features with a powerful, efficient, and versatile mowing experience. You will certainly be hard pressed to find a range of machines that can match Honda’s winning combination of style and practicality.

The HRX 426 PD is a very adaptable machine, allowing you to easily tailor its features to your personal requirements. For example, the push type propulsion system on this mower means that you can work at your own walking pace for greater convenience and more leisurely mowing. An optional, easy to insert mulching plug is also available for the HRX 426 PD, enabling you to save time and effort when mowing a large lawn, whilst also improving the quality of your soil.

Honda considers your comfort a top priority, and this mower is capable of transforming a hard day of work into an enjoyable garden stroll. The deck of the 426 PD is made using Honda’s PolyStrong® technology, providing a durable, corrosion-free surface while also being incredibly light, allowing you to manoeuvre this machine with ease. Moreover, the wheels are fitted with smooth running ball-bearings, making it easier to mow over even the most awkward or complicated patches of lawn. Further convenience is evident in the design of the handlebars, which fold away to maximise storage space.

The grass bag on this mower, meanwhile, is designed to utilise its increased airflow in order to enhance collection performance, while a dust cover is also provided to prevent wear and tear when not in use. This model also comes with an auto choke, which eliminates the need to prime the engine manually, while the blade and cutting deck are designed to reduce noise so you can have a peaceful day of mowing.

Product Features• Seven year warranty (subject to servicing) ensures that you get a long service life from this hard-working machine• Featuring a 42cm cutting width, ideal for medium or large lawns

• Optional, easy to fit mulching plug enables you to enrich the quality of your soil, whilst saving time, effort and money

• Powered by a reliable Honda OHC GCV 160cc four-stroke engine, providing a modern solution to power and performance, while also reducing noise and carbon emissions

• Single-point height of cut adjustment (25mm to 78mm) with six different settings, allowing you to adapt this mower to the conditions of your grass

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