CRAMER CR82LM61SX Professional Cordless S/p Mower – Power Unit Only

Price with 2 batteries (CR82V430G) and twin slot charger (CR82C2) £1549.96 inc VAT (£1291.63 ex VAT). Try before you buy. We have a demonstrator model available with mulching plug, 2 batteries and a twin slot charger for you to try on your own grassed area. Please get in touch on 01267 236425 and we will add you to our demo list.




Click HERE for CRAMER 82v Video

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Cramers 82V brushless motor lawn Mower 82LM61S with a cutting width of 61cm  is our top mower. Two batteries and two blades make you run twice as long and cut wider. Its outstanding mowing performance delivers a perfectly even lawn surface. Thanks to its automatic boost it will increase RPM when encountering high grass conditions. In short, a top performance mower that offers more runtime and more efficiency.

  • Increase runtime by using 2 batteries at the same time
  • Work more efficiently, thanks to the large cutting width
  • Automatic boost will increase rpm when you encounter high grasss conditions
  • Supplied with mulching plug when there is no requirement to collect

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