Mitox 801LSV

£599.00 inc VAT

Saving £100.00. Vertical log splitter model. 8 tonne max splitting force. 55cm max splitting length. The 801LSV features a powerful 3000watt electric motor.



The Mitox 801LSV features QuickSplit, when spitting a number of shorter logs, the distance the ram returns after each split can be limited for a faster stroke. Log retainers ensure the log stays in position during and after splitting

The two handed operation with handguards prevent the possibility of the operator’s hands being pinched by the splitter. As soon as a switch is released, the splitter returns to its start position.


Motor: 230v 3000 watt

Max split force: 8 tonne

Max split length: 55cm

Max split diameter: 30cm

Weight 110kg

Warranty (domestic/commercial): 3 year / 90  days) (Terms apply)

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