Honda HRG536VL Variable Speed Selective Mulching Mower

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Part of Honda’s Izy range of four-wheeled rotary lawnmowers, the HRG 536 VL offers top-quality performance and supreme versatility while also keeping things simple enough to ensure great results without any unnecessary hassle. This model’s extra features, however, such as electrically assisted starting, serve to mark out the HRG 536 VL as being a cut above the rest. Equipped with a robust 53cm steel cutting deck and a SMART drive® variable speed system, the HRG 536 VL is ideal for large domestic gardens and will even handle slopes and rougher ground with ease.

When it comes to cutting, the HRG 536 VL offers superb versatility and outstanding convenience. Equipped with a Versamowselective mulching system, the HRG 536 VL allows you to flip between cut and collect and mulching via an easily accessible switch on the cutting deck. A spacious 73 litre capacity grass bag is supplied as standard for collection, its large size reducing the number of stops you’ll need to make in order to dispose of clippings. Furthermore, the high air flow design of the grass bag encourages greater collection efficiency, the fine mesh material used in its construction working to trap dust and help prevent blockages for even greater efficiency.

The HRG 536 VL’s mulching function, meanwhile, is both eco-friendly and a great time-saver. Mulched grass clippings are cut and re-cut inside the mower before then being blown back down into the soil to break down, whereupon vital nutrients and moisture are returned to your grass, encouraging the growth of a healthier lawn. Versatility is also offered in terms of cutting height, as the HRG 536 VL offers six height settings, ranging from 28mm to 102mm, controlled via handy a lever on the cutting deck.

The HRG 536 VL also comes fitted with a self-propelled SMART drive® variable speed system, making even longer periods of use far less strenuous. This system gives you complete control over the mower’s propulsion, and thus allows you to immediately adjust the speed for sloping or rougher ground while also improving traction when mowing around borders and obstacles. Power is provided by a quiet-running and potent 160cc GCV160 OHC four-stroke Honda engine, producing speeds of up to 1.65m/s, with an easy start every time guaranteed, even in cold weather, thanks to the auto choke system and soft-grip starter cord. For even greater convenience, the HRG 536 VL also features electronic key ignition on the handlebar, ideal for anyone who struggles with a traditional recoil pull start. Smooth running ball bearings in the wheels, meanwhile, grant excellent manoeuvrability, which is especially important when you are dealing with varied ground conditions.

The HRG 536 VL also comes with a full five year warranty from Honda to provide added peace of mind, with many other design features contributing to make a safe, convenient and durable machine. The design of the blade is particularly clever, reducing running costs and service requirements by ensuring the blades twist rather than break if they hit an obstacle. Likewise, the sturdy steel cutting deck is also built for a long service life, and has even been specially treated to resist UV abrasion, rust and corrosion.

The HRG 536 VL is even engineered to make life easier when you have finished mowing, as the handlebar can be folded down to make it easier to store, and with a low overall weight of 40kg this impressive lawnmower is also much easier to transport than you might expect, making it a perfect choice for the serious home gardener.

Product Features• Constructed with a robust 53cm steel cutting deck, specially treated to resist rust, corrosion and UV abrasion• Equipped with a Versamow™ selective mulching system featuring two methods for cutting grass: traditional cut and collection, and efficient mulching for a healthier lawn

• Easy to use height of cut adjustment offers six incremental settings, ranging from 28mm to 102mm, selected via an easy to access lever on the cutting deck

• Supplied as standard with a large 73 litre grass bag, boasting a high air flow design for top quality collection performance and fewer stops to dispose of clippings

• Propulsion provided by a powerful and quiet-running 160cc GCV160 Honda OHC four-stroke petrol engine, with an auto choke system included for quick starting

• SMART drive® variable speed self-propulsion system included for added convenience, increased traction when turning and greater overall control

• Featuring both traditional recoil starting, with a soft-grip starter cord for improved comfort, and electronically assisted key ignition for even greater ease of operation

• Smooth running ball bearings fitted in the wheels help ensure superb manoeuvrability, even when working on complicated areas of lawn

• Also featuring Honda’s clever blade design for reduced running costs and a longer blade life

• Folding handlebar and a lightweight build (40kg) facilitates hassle-free storage and transportation

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