Honda HRG536VK Variable Speed Rotary Lawn Mower

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Honda’s self-propelled HRG 536 VK Izy four-wheeled rotary lawnmower, delivering top quality performance, a high degree of versatility and a design which keeps things simple, ensuring that even less experienced users can operate it without any hassle. Equipped with a tough 53cm steel cutting deck, a choice of grass disposal options and a SMART drive® variable speed system, this mower is ideal for tackling large gardens, particularly when you need to navigate around ornaments and obstacles or deal with rough or sloping ground.

Thanks to the HRG 536 VK’s Versamowselective mulching system, the HRG 536 VK offers both traditional cut and collection and super efficient mulching cutting modes, with an easy-to-access lever on the cutting deck providing a quick and easy method for switching between the two. When using the collection option, an impressive 73 litre grass bag is supplied as standard, large enough to perform admirably in even the biggest gardens. Its high air flow design further improves efficiency, and the fine mesh used in its construction traps dust and helps to prevent blockages. The mulching function, meanwhile, allows you to recycle your grass clippings as a natural fertiliser; grass is cut and re-cut before the tiny particles are blown down into the surface of the soil where they release vital nutrients to promote the growth of a healthy green lawn. For even greater versatility, the HRG 536 VK also features a pleasingly simple height of cut adjustment system, with a lever mounted on the chassis allowing you to choose from between six different positions ranging from 28mm to 102mm.

Moreover, with the HRG 536 VK’s SMART drive® variable speed system you have complete control at your fingertips, allowing you to adjust the mowing speed to suit the operating conditions. This gives you greater accuracy when you are mowing around trees and flower beds, for example, and protects your lawn surface when you manoeuvre by allowing you to reduce speed as required. The SMART drive®transmission system is made from cast aluminium, which is shock-resistant and ensures smooth power for added reliability. A powerful and quiet-running 160cc GCV160 OHC four-stroke Honda engine, offering a top forward speed of up to 1.65m/s, provides propulsion. Moreover, an easy start is guaranteed every time, even in cold weather, by the auto choke system, while added comfort is provided by the soft grip material of the starter cord. The wheels, meanwhile, feature smooth running ball bearings for excellent manoeuvrability, which is particularly crucial when you are traversing rough or uneven ground.

Other design features which help to guarantee longevity and high quality performance, include the intelligent design of the cutting blade, which reduces running costs and lengthens the life of the blade by ensuring the blade twists, rather than breaking, if it hits an obstacle. The steel cutting deck is similarly blessed by Honda’s expert engineering, and treated to resist rust, corrosion and UV abrasion for greater durability. Furthermore, storage is made far easier by the mower’s folding handlebar, while a low overall weight of only 37kg means that transportation is similarly straightforward. Finally, Honda’s confidence in the quality of the HRG 536 VK is such that they even offer a full five year warranty as standard, meaning you can use this machine safe in the knowledge that it is built to last.

Product Features• Featuring a tough 53cm steel cutting deck, specially treated to resist UV abrasion, rust and corrosion
• Equipped with a Versamow™ selective mulching system, allowing you to switch between cut and collect and mulching functionality via one easy-access lever
• A second easily-operated lever meanwhile allows you to adjust the height of cut in six increments, ranging between 28mm and 102mm
• Boasting a large 73 litre grass bag, featuring a high air flow design for increased collection performance and less time spent stopping to empty the clippings
• Also featuring a SMART drive® variable speed self-propulsion system for complete control at the tips of your fingers
• Power provided by a powerful and quiet-running 160cc GCV160 Honda OHC four-stroke petrol engine, producing speeds of up to 1.65m/s
• Easy starting is guaranteed every time by the auto choke system, even in cold weather, while user comfort is assured by the soft grip of the starter cord
• Wheels are fitted with smooth running ball bearings for extra manoeuvrability
• Intelligent blade design reduces running costs and lengthens the life of the blade
• Storage and transportation are made easy by the folding handlebar and the mower’s lightweight build (37kg)

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