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The Honda HF2417HM garden tractor is a professional lawn tractor with 102cm synchronous blades and Versamow™ mulching. This premium tractor features a comfortable riding position and smooth power from the 530cc V-twin engine. This version has an easy to use, manually operated grass dumping mechanism that opens and closes the 300-litre collection bag.

A Premium lawn tractor from Honda is the best garden machinery you can own. Cutting, mulching and collecting leaves on a large lawn, parkland or sports ground couldn’t be easier. In fact, they’re so comfortable to sit on – you won’t want to get off.

Honda Premium Lawn Tractor Features & Innovation

Synchronous Blades

The better arrangement for superior cutting performance and results.

Honda renowned ingenuity has developed a blade arrangement using the synchronous method. With the synchronised timing belt, it allows the blades to spin together constantly at a 90˚ opposed angle, providing a smooth and effective cut and collection.

Better performance all around
With a Honda Premium Lawn tractor you’ll get much better cutting and mulching performance with this type of blade configuration. All you have to do is drive…The blades have seven different height settings from 30cm to 70cm, and working inside one cutter deck, provide a much better airflow for gathering up the cuttings. This is essential for maintaining the high levels of collecting performance and at the same time, dramatically reducing any risk of clogging.

Mulching Made Easy

Versamow® is Honda’s very own integrated variable mulching system.

With a single lever, Honda’s Versamow™ selective mulching system will either collect the grass cuttings into the bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser. If your grass is long or rough, you can mow your garden and just collect grass clippings in the grass bag. But if your grass has grown only a little, or it has just rained and you still want to cut your lawn, you can select mulching, and by doing so fertilise your grass at the same time. Or, you can keep your grass tidy and collect the clippings in one area of the garden and with the simple push of a lever then do a rough cut in other areas of the garden. Whatever you decide, you can do it with the same machine, no mulching kit to add, nothing to bolt in.

Nothing to add or bolt on – it’s all part of the tractor’s many features. By simply moving the ergonomically fitted lever you can select if you want to collect grass in the collection bag, or if you want to leave the clippings on your lawn as a natural fertilizer. Mulching helps your grass grow healthy and strong, for a perfect finish.

Adjust as you go
Versamow® is a selective built in system. The simple selection is an on/off lever which allows you to choose to mulch or not even whilst cutting.

Built For Any Job

To do the job properly, your lawn tractor has to be strong.

That’s why Honda call them tractors, the very name says tough, durable and powerful. The strong cast-iron front axle and steering mechanism can take on any terrain and it will resist any damage that may be caused.The built-in robustness of these lawn tractors doesn’t sacrifice steering quality, agility, and tight turning radius which makes them a pleasure to use.

A bigger impression
We’ve also added a curved steel plate to the front of the machine. This is to protect the exhaust and pulley belts that drive the blades from potential damage, if you should drive over shrubs and bushes. The plate is attached to the steel front bumper, giving both you and your ride on mower further protection.

Going With The Flow

The key to good collecting performance is a powerful and controlled airflow, so Honda’s design and engineering team specially developed OptiflowTM.

More efficient grass collection
A normal cutter deck is completely sealed, apart from the opening at the bottom. Honda’s R&D team calculated that by using the strong power generated by the engine, it could draw more air in from the top. So by adding more holes at that point, the fans were able to suck in huge volumes of air to improve grass collection.

Powerful fans
Two huge fans attached to the rotating blades draw the air in from the top of the cutter deck. This accelerated air is channeled by fan guards into the ejection canal intake – like a high-pressure blower – taking all the grass clippings with it. They’re our number one fans.

Less clogging
The ejection chute is another Honda innovation that makes these Premium Lawn Tractors the top choice for collecting grass. Considerable time was taken to tune this patented component, and after many hours of rigorous testing it proved to be an outstanding solution – with class-leading results that reduced the risk of clogging.

Larger collection bag
The powerful airflow generated within the cutter deck meant we could fit a large collection bag at the rear. This patented “flamenco dress” design (castanets not included) allows the largest possible mesh material to be used for a continual flow, making it possible to completely fill the bag.

All features

  • A Honda exclusive pneumatic blade engagement control and a safety feature that only allows you to cut in reverse by depressing a button on the dash.
  • Extra comfort comes from an adjustable high-back seat, improved pedal and cutter controls, and an easy to empty, large capacity grass collector that let’s you know when it’s full.
  • Hydrostatic drive ensures that the blades turn at a constant speed regardless of the speed at which the mower is travelling. Giving the user variable speed control, so you achieve the perfect cut no matter how quickly or slowly the mower is moving
  • Easy clean, easy empty large capacity grass collector
  • Power and control – 17 hp V-twin engine for smooth and efficient power
  • Automatically activated headlights
  • Extended Seat with lever adjustment
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Rear fuel filler for easy access -fill up like a car
  • Anti-scalp cutting deck with hose cleaning nozzle and anti-rust treatment
  • Cutting deck has hose cleaning nozzle and anti-rust treatment
  • Key Start
  • Dashboard 7 LED display
  • Pneumatic Blade Brake Control
  • Adjustable seat
  • Optiflow – A fan-powered system under the cutter deck improves air flow between the cutter deck and the high air-flow grass bag, significantly improving collecting performance.
  • Synchronised blade belt system
  • Versamow™ Selective Mulching System
  • Optiflow


The Honda HF 2417 HM garden tractor comes with a lengthy 5 year warranty (subject to annual service, and if used in a domestic environment). Honda ride-ons are supported with one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

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