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The Honda HF2315HM garden tractor is designed to give the best cutting and collecting performance whatever the grass condition, with no more clippings or uncut grass left behind. Powered by a powerful Honda OHC V-twin engine working at 530cc, this lawn tractor will start first time every time and will cope with tough grass conditions without stalling or clogging.

Fitted with a 15hp V-twin air cooled engine the Honda HF2315HM garden tractor gives great performance and easy starting every time. And with a hydrostatic drive the Honda HF2315HM ensures smooth operation and a quality cut at any speed, as the blade speed is independent of forward drive speed. This model has an LED diagnostic dashboard featuring automatically operated headlights. Lawncare has never been so easy.


Honda HF2315HM Garden Tractor features Honda’s new Optiflow System. The key to good grass collecting performance is a powerful and controlled air flow. So Honda’s Research and Development (R&D) team developed Optiflow, a system that combines powerful suction with controlled and low turbulence air flow that reduces power loss, noise and grass accumulation. There are four simple and incredibly efficient innovations developed by Honda’s engineers:

Synchronous Blades

Honda has developed a blade arrangement using what we call a synchronous method. It’s quite a mouthful, so we’ll explain. With the aid of a timing belt, the blades constantly spin together at a harmonious 90° angle inside the cutter deck. With minimal vibration from the cutter deck, the cutting performance is enhanced with a smoother ride.

Improved performance
Synchronous blades give you improved cutting, mulching and grass collection performance, which ensures the perfect cut – even when turning the Honda HF2315HM . The blades, combined with the inbuilt fan, means that the Honda HF 2315 HM has fantastic collecting performance. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.

Intelligence Built In

The smart diagnostic LED dashboard tells you everything you need to know.

The Honda HF2315 HM lawn tractor comes fitted with a full LED dashboard that shows the driver key diagnostic information about the machine. As the brains of the operation it offers better safety, control, and improved performance from the tractor; ensuring it’s running at its best.

Total control
On the Honda HF2315HM you can turn the cutting deck on and off as you please, without having to restart the engine; it’s all down to the electromagnetic blade clutch, which combines cutting and braking into one electronically controlled system. This means you don’t have to cut everywhere you drive.

Let there be automatic light
And that’s not all – the Honda HF2315HM lawn tractor comes with powerful headlights for all-hours mowing, making sure you don’t end up cutting next-door’s lawn too! They even have a sensor that detects light levels for automatic activation, which makes it easy to park your mower when you have finished.

Love Your Lawn Tractor

Look after your Honda HF2315HM and it’ll look after your lawn for longer.

Inside the cutter deck is where all the hard work is done. It can sometimes be dirty work too – it’s a harsh environment. To protect this part of the machine a special anti-corrosive cataphoresis treatment is applied to the deck and then painted for a smooth finish. This magic formula provides a double protection from rust and will keep your tractor looking good, for a lot longer than most.

Keep the deck clean and clear
When you’ve finished, it’s always good to clean up inside it. It’s never the nicest part of the job, but to make it easier for you, Honda engineers added a very handy hosepipe-to-hose nozzle attachment. All you have to do is hook up your hosepipe, turn on the water, and with the engine running and the blades engaged, the spinning action will wash out any debris that wants to stick to the underside – easy.

A special anti-corrosive treatment and inbuilt hose attachment for easy cleaning will protect your cutter deck for a long time to come.

The cutter deck has specially designed Anti-scalp rollers’ to protect it, as well as to prevent scalping grass over undulating ground.

Other lawn tractor features:

  • Extra comfort comes from an adjustable high-back seat, improved pedal and cutter controls, and an easy to empty, large capacity grass collector that let’s you know when it’s full.
  • A Honda exclusive pneumatic blade engagement control and a safety feature that only allows you to cut in reverse by depressing a button on the dash.
  • Hydrostatic drive ensures that the blades turn at a constant speed regardless of the speed at which the mower is travelling. Giving the user variable speed control, so you achieve the perfect cut no matter how quickly or slowly the mower is moving
  • Easy clean, easy empty large capacity grass collector
  • Power and control – 15 hp V-twin engine for smooth and efficient power
  • Automatically activated headlights
  • Extended Seat with lever adjustment
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Rear fuel filler for easy access -fill up like a car
  • Cutting deck has hose cleaning nozzle and anti-rust treatment
  • Key Start
  • Dashboard 7 LED display
  • Pneumatic Blade Brake Control
  • Optiflow – A fan-powered system under the cutter deck improves air flow between the cutter deck and the high air-flow grass bag, significantly improving collecting performance.


This machine comes with a lengthy 5 year warranty (subject to annual service and if used in a domestic environment).

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