Honda HF1211H Rider Mower

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Honda HF1211HE Rider Mower

With a 28″ cut, generous 170 litre grass bag and the sheer ease and enjoyment that comes from using a Honda HF1211HE ride-on mower, you can put the smile back into looking after your lawn. These compact and agile machines are ideal for medium sized gardens, or those with trees, flowing borders or tighter curves where the tight turning circle and great all-round visibility makes short work of the task in hand.

When you have a large garden you need the right tools to manage it. A ride-on mower is the perfect solution, switching with ease between a low, neat cut for the lawn and a higher cut for orchards and paddocks.

Why not upgrade your lawnmower to our fantastic small ride-on? The 28″ cut and powerful key start engine of the HF 1211HE makes short work of the varied demands of the larger garden. The HF1211HE also offers the gardener extra convenience, with it’s hydrostatic drive ensuring a superb cut at all speeds.

Designed for compactness and manoeuvrability, easy operation and an impressive turning circle. the Honda HF1211H makes light work in complex gardens with borders and trees. What’s more, the Honda HF1211H garden rider easily goes through a standard 90cm wide doorway and with the ‘one-touch’ easily removed grass bag it takes up little storage space.


The Honda HF 1211 H garden rider comes with a lengthy 5 year warranty (if used in a domestic environment and subject to annual service). Honda Ride on Mowers are supported with one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

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